Europeo RSR Oviedo'19

Oviedo is going to play a leading role in this historical moment for the FEDDF: the Wheelchair Rugby National Team debut in an international official competition. Are you proud of the fact that the capital of the Principality has been chosen to host it?

Of course, we are. It’s a great satisfaction for us to host such an important event. I usually state that we support sports and, as it couldn’t be otherwise, we also support adaptive sports.

These sports events, are they a good opportunity to show the world the greatness of a city like Oviedo?

Any sports event, or events of any other type, at this level is not only a great chance to provide our help and support to the organizers, but also to get to open Oviedo to the world.

Oviedo is a city that supports sports and it has always shown a special care for adaptive sports. What kind of programmes does Oviedo carry out to bring sports closer to disabled people?

There is a local programme of Sports Schools for Disabled People whose aim is that the different groups of people with other abilities can see sport as a way to social integration and normalization and as a complement to each type of injury rehabilitation process.

There is also an agreement with the Positive Horseriding Association for the development of the Riding Therapy School, which is located in El Asturcón and whose goal is to help people with some kind of physical, intellectual or sensory disorder with rehab, reeducation, integration and socialisation.

Apart from that, the town council awards subsidies to events, competitions and sports clubs, and it cooperates with the transfer, free of charge, of the local premises to all those clubs or groups of disabled people.

As I said earlier on, my commitment with sports as a whole and adaptive sports in particular is complete, and it will continue to be like this during my term of office.

And in addition to sports, what projects does the town council implement to improve the quality of life of disabled people from Oviedo?

We have been working on various courses of action which will become steady in the coming months. We’re going to bet on recruitment of professionals in accessibility. There will be some efforts dealing with taxes, with the encouragement of personal autonomy and the prevention of dependency status; Culturally speaking, dealing with turism and adapted leisure activities; dealing with communication, technology and innovation; in education and employment with raising-awareness conferences and agreements to improve employability of disabled people; and we’ll also make improvements in urban planning, in infrastructures, mobility and transport to improve accessibility. As you can see, we are working on several fronts at the moment.

What would you tell the population of Oviedo to encourage them to attend Brothers Cechini Sports Centre during the European Championship?

People from Oviedo, you are very welcome to join us from the third to the fifth of October at the sports centre to enjoy this historical, unforgettable sports event. Looking forward to seeing you there.