Europeo RSR Oviedo'19

The debut of Spain in an international competition in a new category is in itself a great victory for the Spanish adapted sport. What is your opinion about the progression of wheelchair rugby in our country?

There has been some important progression in the last three years. Both the new clubs recently set up and the launch of tournaments and championships have played an important role in promoting wheelchair rugby.

Fundación ONCE has been backing adapted sport for a long time and it would be difficult to understand its success and progress without this support. The institution must be really proud.

Rather than pride, it is all about constant renewal of our commitment to and responsibility for adapted sport. We started in 1998 preparing for the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, and have been there since.

The wheelchair rugby league was launched last season and the number of participating teams is now expected to be almost twice as many. How do you see, in Fundación ONCE, the future of Spanish wheelchair rugby?

As I said before, both the launch of tournaments and championships and the growth expected make us feel optimistic and think that the prospects for rugby will make a space for us in international competitions. We, Fundación ONCE, have the commitment to go along with this progression.

Besides participating in the pitch, Spain and its reputation as organizers of events for adapted sport is again at stake, this time in Oviedo, supported by Fundación ONCE. Are you looking forward to this European Championship Division C?

Of course I am. But also undertaking the responsibility for the success of the tournament in terms of participants, spectators and media coverage. Fundación ONCE will support the Federation and the Organization of the Championship in as many plans of action as we are requested.

What would you tell the people in Oviedo to persuade them to cheer on the Spanish national team?

They must come, it is a top-rated sport, it is colourful, it involves great effort, motivation, training and will, which are the ingredients of this sport. In short, a real sporting event.